Hot Melt Adhesive Film


TPU hot melt adhesive film has the excellent characteristics of traditional TPU film and the hot melt adhesive performance of hot melt adhesive film.

In terms of hot-melt bonding, TPU materials can bond well with various materials and have high bonding strength. Therefore, TPU hot melt adhesive film has become a new hot spot in the TPU application industry and hot melt adhesive industry, and more and more application areas have received more attention and more applications. In general, the characteristics of TPU hot melt adhesive film mainly include high elasticity, high toughness, weather resistance, washing resistance, dry cleaning, soft hand feeling, strong binding force, suitable for various materials, environmental protection, etc.

Application in clothing and shoes:
1. Professional outerwear: can be used to improve product performance or enhance its aesthetics, especially for some key parts can use seamless or waterproof strips.
2. Functional clothing: The main application of hot melt adhesive TPU film is to have excellent elasticity, flexibility, hydrolysis resistance, light weight, good fit with other textile fabrics, it can achieve the effect of molding, and seamless The main application of bonding technology.
3. Underwear: The main application of TPU hot melt adhesive film has good flexibility and high elasticity. The highly reducible TPU elastomer meets the requirements of improved design, better performance and greater production flexibility.
4. Footwear: TPU hot melt adhesive film can be used to bond various materials to achieve a lighter and firmer effect. The bonding process does not require solvents, so it is more environmentally friendly. At the same time, there are various processes in the pasting process. Convenient and improve efficiency. The application of TPU hot melt adhesive film can produce smooth, non-folding sutures to meet the needs of beauty and comfort, and has the functions of waterproof, abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and weather resistance.