Anti-Skid Chains


Application of TPU resin in automotive field

Car dust cover
Compared with the traditional rubber dust cover, the automobile dust cover produced by TPU has better mechanical properties and oil resistance. It has been used by many automobile manufacturers.

Automotive wiring harness
The automotive wiring harness produced by TPU has high mechanical properties, excellent grease resistance and good heat resistance.

Automobile seal
The automobile seals and gaskets produced by TPU have excellent mechanical properties, good heat resistance and grease resistance.

Car chain
The wear resistance of tpu films is superior to many other common polymers. Compared with the natural rubber wear resistance of more than five times, so the choice of products can give priority to the tpu material

Auto parts
KEYFLEX BT is also suitable for many automotive component applications in addition to special airbag covers, rack and pinion drives, etc. Such as car frame plug, small plug cap used to block the car outside the water or other substances. KEYFLEX
BT is also used for the surface treatment of door parts to achieve good wear resistance. In addition, KEYFLEX BT can also be applied to a variety of automobile parts such as automobile antenna, automobile emblem, airbag cover, automatic lever skateboard, etc.