Application of  TPU in ink

The main advantages of TPU ink are: excellent adhesion, low viscosity, good flexure resistance, excellent wear resistance, high gloss, weather resistance, can resist any sun exposure including UV radiation, in each It has excellent toughness and durability in various application fields. The inks made of aromatic and aliphatic TPU can be used in various climates and environmental conditions, and the products have stable and outstanding performance.

TPU ink has the characteristics of smooth and smooth appearance, good shading, alcohol resistance, strong adhesion, etc. It is mainly suitable for surface decoration of plastics such as TPU. Such as mobile phones, laptops, shoes, car leather chairs, sofas, advanced leather goods, handbags, inflatable entertainment TPU products, umbrellas, raincoats, etc.

TPU ink is used on metal and glass with poor adhesion rate and easy to paint off.

Application of  TPU in painting

The tpu paint is an unsaturated polyester paint. The liquid composition can be completely converted into a solid polymer without the release of by-products under the action of the initiator. The pollution is small, the film formation is harder than the solvent-based paint, and it can be formed thicker at one time. The paint film has good sealing performance and high fullness; it is equivalent to PU paint in wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high gloss, etc.; it is superior to other coatings in hardness, fullness, transparency, and filling.